Track Safety Australia(TSA) is part of the publicly listed Ashley Services Group (ASG) (ASX: ASH)

ASG has been providing integrated Labour Hire, Recruitment and Training services. We have been delivering quality workforce management and business improvement solutions acrosss Australia since 1968. ASG tailors solutions to each client to ensure their precise needs are recognized and serviced appropriately.

TSA is a specialist provider for Rail Worksite Protection staff and Rail Safeworking staff, from Hand Signalers to Project Managers. Our Staff are committed to protectting your crews in the rail corridor. We are supported by the latest technology and accredited quality, environmental and safety systems.

our services

Track Safety Australia are a full service rail labour business that provides access to accredited training and development programs for its employees.

We have the capability to provide safeworking and infrastructure staff for projects around Australia. Our business also has the scale to deliver project staff across all key industry roles.

This unique proposition of labour hire and training affords TSA a position where it can provide secure and rewarding career paths for employees, whilst providing employers with workers that are qualified, skilled and safe.


Track Safety Australia appointed to ARTC Safeworking Panel

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Learn More about Track safety Australia and the ARTC Network here

Some of the roles we place

Hand Signaler

Level 1 & 2

Safe working

Level 1 & 2

Track Machine Operator (TMO)

National Track Certifiers

AluminoThermic welders

Track Vehicle Operator (TVO)

Safety Inspections

on track protection plans & Approval

Protection Officer

Level 1 – 4

 Race force protection coordinators

level 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3

Principle Protection officers (PPO)

Track Examiners

Worksite lookout workers

Permit to work holders

Project Consultation


ISO Certifications

Our ISO Certifications provide employers with security that TSA’s systems and processes are robust, with a focus on the safety of its employees and our impact on the environment.