Track Safety Australia are a full service rail labour business with the ability to provide compliant and quality training and upskilling in-house.

This value proposition of labour & training makes TSA an attractive supplier of labour for our industry. It allows us to provide secure and rewarding career paths for employess who want to make the most out of their career in rail and in turn supplying staff that are qualified, skilled and safe.

We have the capability of providing safeworking staff across Australia, with robust and accredited systems in place to ensure only qualified, skilled and safe employees are on-site.

Some of the roles and services we provide include


Level 1 & 2

Protection Officer

Level 1-4


Level 1 & 2​

Rail Force Protection Coordinators Level 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3

Track Machine Operator (TMO)

Principle Protection Officers (PPO)

National Track Certifiers

Track Examiners

Aluminothermic Welders

Worksite Lookout Workers

Track Vehicle Operator (TVO)

Permit To Work Holders

Safety Inspections

Project Consultation

On Track Protection Plans & Approval

Corridor Access Applications

Traffic Management